Examples Of Our Own Resources

Our Creative Thoughts

Life is getting more and more artificial and today we can already see a reaction towards this. The more our towns and cities grow, the more people will dream of the countryside, nature and flowers.

Here at 'Love to be Green' in a great time of environmental awareness, we are eager to work with natural, locally grown and locally sourced materials. We are always looking for new challenges with our designs. The challenge is not always about finding the beautiful or unusual flower; it is about finding new ways to use the ordinary ones to show off their beauty.

Our Flowers

Love to be Green Florists studio is a busy place full of flowers & scent, a lot of chatter, creativity and a whole load of leaves massed upon on the floor. But we love it. We cut our foliage daily and flowers as often as we can for orders when they are in season. So each day has its different beauties and every floral arrangement we make has its own character.

  • White Hydrangea

  • Roses, Lupins and Dianthus

  • Lilac Hydrangea

  • Ornamental Cherry Blossom

  • Mock Orange (Philadelphus)

  • Blue Moon Rose

  • Grand Fir( Abies grandis)

  • Hypericum Berries

  • Bead selection old and new

  • Mother of pearl stones from 60's jewellery

  • Reclaimed ribbons and braids

  • Vintage beads

  • Fabric pieces including Silk,Satin and lace

  • Selection of Vintage lace and trimmings

  • Campanula

  • Our Lavender and Rose petals for 'eco friendly' confetti

  • Our Lavender and Rose petals for 'eco friendly' confetti

  • Wild Cherry

  • Elaeagnus

  • Golden Pond Grass

  • Various grasses and Ferns growing naturally

  • Pittisporum

  • Buxus

  • Variegated Pittisporumr

  • English Holly (Ilex)

  • Garden Rose

  • Fatsia Japonica and Bamboo

  • Griselinia

  • Fatsia Japonica

  • Portugal Laurel

  • Blue Conifer

  • Phormium (New Zealand Flax)

  • Blue-Grey Conifer

  • Yellow Conifer

  • Peonys and Roses

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