We can proudly say that the majority of our greenery is sourced from our own grounds and we are so fortunate that we have a vast supply of various evergreen materials which are available all year round. We grow a small selection of our own flowers which can be used in the floral designs, these are well and truly pampered and in return they yield beautiful blooms for us at different times throughout seasons.

We use chemical free plant food and recycle all our plant waste in a large container at the rear of our studio. Making our own compost this way means that we are then returning what we have used to mother earth.

We also are eager to use use locally grown flowers from growers whose field is less than three miles away from our studio.

We are pleased to say that many of our 'love-tobegreen' flowers and foliage have only a tiny carbon footprint compared to those that are imported.

You may wish to choose certain flowers for an occasion that have to be imported .We will gladly arrange this for you with our local wholesaler.

For more information on our home grown cut flowers and foliage please see 'Green' page.
Please Note - Our home grown flower examples are seasonal therefore their availability is limited.
In some cases we may have to suggest a suitable alternative.
Our Lavender and Rose petals for 'eco friendly' confetti

Some examples of our vintage and reclaimed materials

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